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How To Make The Right Countertop Choice When Remodelling Your Kitchen

You have spent countless hours deciding on every element of a kitchen remodelling project. Now, the time has come to finish the planning phase of the kitchen remodel by making the right countertop choice.

Kitchen countertops bring a lot to the home improvement table, including being used as a table for entertaining guests. The highly functional kitchen accessory is a highly effective way to increase the value of your home.

Since you are sold on the benefits delivered by a kitchen countertop, let’s look into how you should choose the right countertop when remodelling your kitchen.

Know Your Purpose

You cannot expect to choose the right countertop if you do not establish the reason or reasons why you want to take the time and spend the money to install the kitchen accessory. Do you plan to use the new countertop as additional space for storing food products and cooking accessories?

Do you intend to use the new countertop primarily as the second area in the kitchen for preparing and cooking delicious meals? Will your new countertop be used exclusively for serving your family meals, as well as the epicentre in the kitchen for entertaining guests?

How Much Room Do You Have?

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Finding the right fit for a kitchen countertop is an essential factor for making the right countertop choice when remodelling the kitchen. You have to take accurate measurements of the space where you plan to add the countertop, as well as account for other objects in the kitchen that include the refrigerator and the dishwasher.

If you plan to install a large countertop that serves multiple purposes, you should consider having a professional home improvement contractor take the measurements for you.

Decide on the Material

Although we mention “Material,” you have the option for using two materials for the construction of a kitchen countertop. Deciding on the material to use for designing a kitchen countertop is all about purpose. If you plan to use the new countertop as the primary place for prepping meal ingredients, then you want to consider using a material that resists the damage caused by strong impacts.

To visit website before deciding which stone material you want to use is the best option. Since the kitchen is a room that typically has moist conditions, you also want a material that resists the damage caused by prolonged exposure to humid conditions. Style is another factor for selecting the best countertop material, with natural stones like granite and marble rated the most attractive materials to use for presenting a beautifully designed addition to the kitchen.

Here is a summary of granite and marble stones:


Granite resists the damage caused by strong impacts and extended exposure to humid conditions. Formed during volcanic reactions, the highly durable natural stone is the ideal countertop material for active kitchens. If you adhere to a regular sealing schedule, attractive granite is also capable of resisting stains.


Elegant marble does a great job of accentuating light sources, whether illumination comes from the sun or an overhead track of lights. A wide variety of colour styles gives you the ultimate in design flexibility. You can adapt a marble countertop to how your kitchen looks after a remodelling project.

Finally, engineered stones like quartz deliver an unsurpassed degree of rugged durability, which is one of the reasons the stones are preferred by operators of commercial kitchens.

Over the Edge

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Most kitchen countertops include standard square edges. This type of edge makes it easy for a homeowner to fit a new countertop into a tight space in the kitchen. However, you can embellish the appearance of your new kitchen countertop by going with an egg, a bevel, a bullnose, or a radius edge. Speciality edges increase the cost of a new kitchen countertop, but the enhanced appearance of the countertop should be worth more than the cost of the speciality edge.

Use a Countertop Cost Estimator

Speaking of cost, big-box retailers such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot offer customers a valuable tool called a countertop cost estimator. Simply input variables such as the material used to design the countertop, as well as the size and edge profile selected for the new addition in the kitchen. You can also find countertop cost estimators online.

Work with a Pro

Many homeowners do not possess the skills required to install a new kitchen countertop. This means contracting with a home improvement professional to complete the project under budget and in a timely manner. If you decide to hire an independent contractor to get the job done right, why not use the services offered by the company during the planning phase of the project. An independent home improvement contractor can help you choose the right countertop when remodelling your kitchen.

Finally, you need to decide on several other factors that include the number of countertop drawers and whether you plan to integrate a range within the new kitchen countertop. You can make these types of decisions after you take care of the factors we have already mentioned.