What Are The Latest Smart Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home?

What Are The Latest Smart Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home? - Moley Kitchen Of The Future. Image Via smithsonianmag.com

In 2018, it seems that everything you own can be “smart” – your phone, your watch, your car – even your home!

Why not make the most out of what technology has to offer and add it to your home in the form of new and incredible gadgets that can make your life not only easier, but also more fun!

Who doesn’t want a house that’s Internet-connected and attuned to your specific wants, needs, and preferences? The house of the future is right here, right now, and here are the latest gadgets you can add to your smart toy box.


What Are The Latest Smart Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home? - Alexa - Amazon - Image Via Flickr - By Guillermo Fernandes

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We can’t start this list with anything other than Alexa. Everyone loves it, and whoever doesn’t already have it, wants to own it. You can talk to Alexa all day long, and it’ll talk right back! But it’s far from just a robotic friend to keep you company; Alexa can play music for you, answer all of your burning questions, read out text for you – just imagine how convenient this is for recipes or other instructions – it’s like a robotic little Know It All in your own home.

Especially if you have kids, they will find Alexa wildly entertaining, and it can prove to be quite educational, as well. Of course, it won’t replace a babysitter or educator, but it’s a good extra to have lying around the house. Plus, how cool is it that it recognises your voice and calls you by name? It’s like magic!

Smart security system

Home security is nothing to scoff at, and if technology can make it better, more reliable, and “smart”, why not take that opportunity to make your home a veritable fortress? Nowadays, there are all kinds of home security systems that allow you to perform top-notch surveillance over your house through your smart phone.

The cameras set up outside will notify you every time the motion sensors detect someone within a certain radius of your house, and you get live footage of the caller – or intruder! – creeping around your house.

You can even communicate with them through your phone, automatically unlock the door if it’s someone familiar, change the lock code on the door remotely, etc. If you’re not convinced, think of how impressed potential buyers will be when you have your house for sale; everyone wants to feel as safe as possible in their own home and people will pay extra for it.

Smart thermostat

What Are The Latest Smart Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home? - Smart Thermostat

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A smart thermostat is not something you would necessarily think about when it comes to smart technology, but once you find out it exists, you wonder why you’ve haven’t thought about it sooner. The times when you were too cold, too hot, and when your energy bill was unnecessarily high are in the past.

Smart thermostats have special sensors that set the perfect temperature in each room in the house, and some of the latest models even have Alexa built-in, which means you can have your thermostat play music, tell you a joke, or even something like order you a pizza.

Smart lawn mower

Do you know the Roomba hoovers? They’re small little – typically circular – vacuums on wheels that move around the house vacuuming automatically. No guidance necessary, not even a remote control! What if you could take that same concept and apply it to another largely reviled task, like mowing the lawn? You get perfection!

If you hate mowing the lawn, then the smart lawn mower is for you. it’s small and compact, smart, and does the job for you flawlessly (it can take weather conditions and difficult terrain into consideration!), while you can relax or just occupy your time differently. Especially with the heatwave that hit the UK this year, you really shouldn’t be out in the sun.

Kitchen robot

If time is scarce, you really hate cooking, or you’ve got no time for it, then perhaps you would like to take advantage of one of the most incredible products smart technology has to offer: a literal robot that can cook for you. Its training is most impressive, having studied the best chefs in the world and mimicking their movements, and it can do whatever they can. There are special recipes that you can download and just let the robot have at it. Isn’t technology grand?

With all the smart technology at our fingertips, we might as well be living in the future. Have we turned into the Jetsons’ yet? Smart home gadgets can revolutionise the way we live day to day and make things safer, better, and more reliable. Why not simplify your existence and rely on a kitchen robot, fool proof home security, a smart lawn mower, or even a robot that will talk to you and take music requests?

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