Enhance Your Home With shutters - Image Via TheShutterCo.co.uk

Enhance Your Home With shutters

Are you tired of limp-looking curtains and drab blinds? If so, have you considered fitting your windows with shutters instead?

They’re easy to install and look after, they come in a wide range of styles and you can paint them so that they match your decor perfectly. They have lots of practical benefits and if they’re carefully chosen they can add to the value of your home – as well as your enjoyment of it.


Enhance Your Home With shutters - Image Via TheShutterCo.co.uk

Shutters were the number one choice for windows for hundreds of years; they are ideal for adding an extra sense of cosiness to a country cottage or enhancing the splendour of a Georgian townhouse but they don’t need to look old fashioned. Well-made shutters have a timeless appeal and are just as well suited to a city apartment with stripped-down, industrial style decor or a modern suburban semi with a bit of additional character. You can add a lot of personality to a room by the type of shutter you choose and their clean lines and angularity convey a natural elegance.


Shutters don’t just look good – if you bolt them at night, they make your home much harder to break into and you may even find that you’re able to get your insurance premiums reduced as a result. They also add an extra sense of security in stormy weather and really help to keep out the drafts. In winter they make a room feel cosy, with the cold weather shut away outside.


Enhance Your Home With shutters - Image Via TheShutterCo.co.uk

Shutters are ideal when you want that extra bit of privacy. With a dab of waterproof paint, they work beautifully in the bathroom. Slatted café-style shutters let in plenty of light in rooms facing the street without letting passers-by see inside. If you have tall windows, fitting two-part shutters lets you enjoy light streaming in from the top of the window while the lower part is covered.


While we usually think first of the way shutters block the light – which can be a big asset if you have trouble sleeping – they’re also valuable because of the way they let light into a room. Designed to fold back neatly and without the bulk of curtains, they really brighten up a room, letting you make much more of the natural light available to you. A matte emulsion finish also helps to bounce that light around the room without any glare.


Enhance Your Home With shutters - Image Via TheShutterCo.co.uk

If you have odd shaped windows or windows tucked into niches in your home, you may find it practically impossible to get blinds to fit them and struggle to make curtains look good. Shutters, however, can be cut to any size and shape, enabling you to create a look that’s neat and seamless. They’re a great way to add to the quirky appeal of old houses while also being eminently practical.

The right sets of shutters can really bring out the best in your home. When you fit them you’ll soon understand why they’ve enjoyed enduring popularity, and your guests will be amazed by how stylish they look.

Images Sourced: The Shutter Co