Industrial Design Inspiration

Loving industrial design.

It is not everyone’s passion, but there is a beauty in good industrial design.

We have pulled together some of our favourite pics and inspiration to prove the point.

This studio design wonderfully combines industrial design with bright pop-art aesthetics.

Industrial closets & stairs to a platform in a train production/servicing facility.

Can you hear an echo? A low angle shot of contemporary industrial architecture.

An abandoned warehouse with support structures in place and large windows.

The light coming into the building makes this such a great shot.

One really cool piece of industrial design that a colleague at Snowdonia of air conditioning repairs Brisbane fame showed us recently is this beautiful design concept for Bose (source).

We love the sharp wooden features hovering above the interior of this industrial design inspired bakery (source).

We hope you liked the collection.

Do you have a favourite piece of industrial design inspiration? Share it in the comments or send us a tweet.