Flos Skygarden

Luxury Pendant Lighting from LoveTheSign

We have pulled together some of our favourite pendants from online modern furniture store LoveTheSign.

Small Globo Di Luce pendant - FontanaArte

Small Globo Di Luce pendant – FontanaArte, £315.

Igloo 1 pendant - FontanaArte

Igloo 1 pendant – FontanaArte, £611.

Magnum Flute pendant - FontanaArte

Magnum Flute pendant – FontanaArte, £1,061.

We found so many great pics for the Flos Skygarden light we had to make a Gif animation to fit them all in.

As you can see, the lights fit in a variety of different settings, creating a modern luxury feel.

Sky Garden pendant – Flos, available in black and white, £1,686.

IC S2 pendant - Brass - Flos

IC S2 pendant – Brass – Flos, £282.

Pudding pendant - FontanaArte

Pudding pendant – FontanaArte, £700.

TWEE-T - Casamania

Small TWEE-T pendant – Casamania, available in black & gold, £1019-£1255.

Luxury Pendant Lighting from LoveTheSign

From left to right, String Light Sphere pendant 22mt (£375), Mo-Ka pendant with vase (£215), String Light Cone pendant 12mt (£327).

We hope you have enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to check out LoveTheSign’s LovePromo section here.