What Interior Design Trends Are Popular With Home Buyers - Image Via apartmenttherapy.com - By Jessica Isaac

What Interior Design Trends Are Popular With Home Buyers

When we do interior designing in our home, our focus tends to be on what we like.

After all, we have to live in the property and want it to be designed to our tastes.

However, you need to look at the future when you are decorating your property. You don’t want to go for trends which will turn home buyers away when you do come to sell your home. Otherwise, you might struggle to get a buyer if they think they will have to change the house from top to bottom when they move in.

It is also hard for them to envision themselves living in the home if its’ not decorated to their tastes. Therefore, when you decorate, you should think about potential home buyers for the future. If you don’t know what they would like, here is a guide to what interior design trends are popular with home buyers.

Modern decor

While traditional decor is still a popular choice with home buyers, modern is a top option for people when looking for a home. Modern décor ticks a lot of boxes for people as they know it’s current and bang on trend.

There are many ways you can incorporate modern decor into your property. For starters, go very neutral and minimalist when it comes to the decor. White and cream are popular choices and create space when it comes to your furniture.

When it comes to materials, you should opt for metal and steel in your kitchen and bathroom. You can still go for traditional furniture but opt for modern pieces such as modern fabric tub chairs from Sloane and Sons Stylish Chairs.

When it comes to picking accents, you should go for pieces of art and ornaments which are sleek and simple to ensure you create a modern theme.

A modern theme will help you to sell the property when you have home buyers of a millennial age.


What Interior Design Trends Are Popular With Home Buyers - Image Via homepolish.com

Image Source: HomePolish.com

Another interior design trend which is popular with home owners is a retro theme. Retro is bang on-trend at the moment as people love to reminisce and enjoy nostalgia.

If you do go for retro interior design styling, it’s bound to give you brownie points with home buyers. It will spark their interest and they will love your house as their new home.

A lot of people don’t know how to get started when it comes to retro styling. You can incorporate the style in your home by opting for bright and bold wallpaper which has a 70’s or 80’s theme. Go for bright colours which will give that old school feel around the home.

You can also choose furniture which has a retro feel such as statement chairs or a cosy old sofa. Go for cushions which have a retro feel with old films and TV shows which is bound to make home buyers smile. Quirky additions such as a retro jukebox or lava lamps will help to complete your styling.


Feature walls

A lot of people are afraid to make a statement with their wallpaper. They choose something neutral in their living room and kitchens. But if you want to impress home buyers with your interior design, you should go for an on-trend feature walls.

As you can see on Homes and Property, it’s an interior trend that buyers love. Therefore, do go for a feature wall if you want to make a statement in your home.

Choose something which is bright to give a pop of colour to your room. Or opt for something with a unique pattern which will be eye-catching when buyers walk into your home. If the home buyer loves it, it could help swing it for them to buy your property.


Rustic look

Wood is a popular choice when it comes to styling your home. As expressed in this article from The Independent, millennial’s love natural materials such as wood when it comes to styling their homes.

This is all part of the interior design trend of rustic which is gaining in popularity. Home buyers love properties with a rustic feel. You can incorporate this in your property by opting for furniture in wood or shabby chic design.

Choosing wooden floorboards and going for neutral walls will also give your home a rustic feel. Add a traditional log burner too in the room which will give a rustic feel and unique details like wooden signs are perfect extras that homebuyers will love.

Main Image Source: ApartmentTherapy.com – By Jessica Isaac