Woman using baking soda to unblock sink drain

3 Home Remedies To Fixing Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is something that many a homeowner and business owner fears – not only because of the mess, but also due to how much hassle trying to fix it can be. 

Fortunately, there are some available home remedies that could help you unblock your troublesome drain. Below, we’ve set out three such remedies that could work for resolving the problem with your drain in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom or elsewhere on your property. 

In the (hopefully unlikely!) event that you’re still struggling with the given drainage issue, it’s worth remembering that there are specialists in blocked drains in Dartford who can give expert advise.

Hot water

The old, trusty method of fixing blocked drains, a hot water rinse is the first step you should take before attempting any other homemade remedy. This is a standard heat treatment that even plumbers employ. 

The idea is that the hot water will create an ‘expansion’ in your drainage system as it makes its way through your pipes, freeing up debris along the way. Think of it as a procedure not unlike flushing a toilet. 

Having said all the above, we would advise not pouring the bubbling, hot water mix down your drain all at once. Instead, allow the hot water to drip gradually into your affected drain, before ‘flushing’ out your drainage system with pressure and force. Too much water shouldn’t be used either, as it can cause more trouble than it fixes with the sealants used in drainage pipes. 

In general, home remedies to fix blocked drains should be used carefully and in moderation. If you ever feel out of your depth with an issue, we definitely urge you to reach out to an expert before potentially making the problem worse.  

Baking soda

You might have heard of baking soda mixtures being used to clean stains from shirts, or even consumed as a heartburn reliever. There are so many uses to baking soda out there, it’s hardly surprising that a baking soda rinse can also be used to fix blocked drains. 

Baking Soda in jar and on wooden spoon

So, how do you use it on your drains? It’s simple: you add three tablespoons of baking soda to a litre of water, and pour this homemade remedy down the drain. This can be an ideal way of dislodging greasy and stubborn obstructions that may have built up over time – consider the shampoos, hair masks and conditioners that can clog your bathroom drains, for example. 


Vinegar is something that a lot of us are likely to already have on hand in the kitchen. After attempting a hot water rinse, you might therefore try putting a few drops of vinegar down your drain. 

old bottles containing white vinegar

Vinegar is a unique concoction of acetic acid and water, made from fermented carbohydrates; as such, it can help with melting the chemicals and other sticky blockages that may otherwise refuse to dissolve in your drainpipes. Indeed, vinegar is becoming increasingly renowned as an effective ‘green cleaning’ solution in general, so it should perhaps be no surprise that it can also be handy for unblocking drains. 

If you do find that even these home remedies don’t help in unblocking your problematic drain, you might have reached the stage of needing to reach out to professionals. Talented plumbers clear blocked drains in Dartford all the time, and will know exactly how to get your drainage back in working order – so, make sure you get in touch with the professionals as soon as possible’