How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

With Spring just around the corner we’re starting to look at ways to redecorate our homes and enjoy all the luxurious trends that are about at the moment.

You’ll find that many designers that may be out of your budget have a huge influence on the high street stores and online sites too, so shop around for the looks that inspire you, as you can often find something similar at a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to the right colour palette to get that luxurious look in your home check out Pantone’s colour of the year 2018, as this year’s colour ‘Ultra Violet’ screams luxury. Check out the image above!

If you’re looking for more inspiration look at online magazines such as Vogue in their living and homes section, or Instagram has a wealth of images to inspire you.

When it comes to loving the luxurious looks and enjoying luxuries in general, sometimes we need to be wise and cut back in other areas, so as to help make our dreams come true. Be it your dream interior make over, a Spring get away (the weather is far from hot enough yet), or some stylish luxuries for yourself.

Oliver’s Travel’s have put together the following infographic to show you just how luxurious you could be living your life if you could forsake the lattes on the way to work, or that unnecessary designer item – use the money to make it a necessary designer item instead!

How to Get More Luxury for Your Money

Source: Oliver’s Travels