How Does Your Garden Transform From Winter To Summer

How Does Your Garden Transform From Winter To Summer

Gardening like a pro is made so much easier with great advice

New gardeners can often feel overwhelmed, especially if they’ve had little luck with house plants they can wrongfully presume they’ve not been blessed with green-fingers.

Like everything it just takes time to get to know your garden, from the different plants already in place, to the little visitor’s dependant on your garden for food.

The infographic below by Rattan Direct gives a great breakdown of what to expect from your garden each season, with handy tips on how to keep your garden ticking along nicely.

Yes, you’ll need to get your hands dirty and dig out your folk and spades, but that is part of the fun, and the added bonus is that gardening also benefits us mentally as well as physically.

The wildlife visiting your garden give back too, from the hedgehogs and blackbirds eating the snails, to the ladybirds and Lacewing eating the Aphids. Remember that chemicals can easily kill your friendly garden visitors, so an organic garden is always best.

Talking of organic, look at the different vegetables and fruit you can harvest each season in the infographic below. If you have the space, growing your own veg will save you money and add to the look of your garden.

If you have a small garden don’t let this stop you, many homes in Amsterdam have little to no garden at all, but they still have tomatoes growing on balconies, benches placed outside their homes and flowers fitted into any and every space possible.

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