Coordinating Your Décor’s Layout With Your Fooring To Give It That ‘Oomph’ Look

Coordinating Your Décor With Your Flooring To Give It That ‘Oomph’ Look

Life is all about variations; if so, then why should we settle for the monotony of boring matching furniture and wooden floors?

If variation is truly the spice of life, your interiors should also reflect your thoughts.  When it comes to hardwood flooring, matching furniture and matching floors are a thing of the past.

Since it’s impossible to deck out a room in one attempt, it becomes all the more difficult to get things to match in the first attempt. So what does one do in such a situation – you improvise.

Keep a strict lookout for the undertones

Wood finishes don’t need to match; however, they do need to complement each other to the fullest. Notice the flair, texture and colour tone of the wood to categorise it into warm or cool; accordingly, you can match the undertones of your solid wood flooring.

Keep up with the grain

Coordinating Your Décor’s Layout With Your Fooring To Give It That ‘Oomph’ Look

Different wooden flooring have different grains. When you’re experimenting with different grains, it’s advisable to keep the patterns similar, while keeping the grain in mind. In short, large wood grains usually reflect casualness while small wood grains are more formal. This way, you can choose the style which you want your room to exude. You can buy your furniture and dress your decor accordingly.

Using buffer to your advantage

Using variation buffers in your décor can help draw everyone’s eyes off the dissimilarity within the flooring. Play around with rugs and furniture, to add a sparkle to your room. For example, you can use a big coffee table and have some different pieces of wood around it, to create a halo like effect inside the whole layout.

Play around with harmony

Coordinating Your Décor’s Layout With Your Fooring To Give It That ‘Oomph’ Look

White and wood are soul mates; whenever you are in doubt about your décor, use white. When you have a variety of wood tones to play around with, and harmony seems to be running away from you, bring in a dose of white and you will be all set. However, don’t go all out with white; the colour does look good in small doses, but if you overdo it, you might just have to start all over again.

Complement your cabinets

If the target redecorating area is your kitchen, then you would need to be a little picky. The idea is to match your cabinets with the flooring, to ensure the whole room ties in together. For example, you can use a dark colored wood, if you have white cabinets in the kitchen, making the setting an eye pleaser.

In an ideal situation, a well placed hardwood flooring agency can do wonders for your décor. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can approach the experts and ask them for advice on how to mix and match your flooring with your décor. As soon as you get some thoughts floating around, you can make a sound judgement and then take it on from there.

If you use this approach, chances are you just might be able to come up with the perfect combination and make your décor the stunner you always wanted it to be.