Unicorn Childs Headboard

Custom Headboard Ideas For Your Growing Family

Welcoming a new baby to the family or having growing children around is always great news, but this often calls for a lot of re-adjustment not only to your lifestyle but also to your home décor.

You will have to prepare your home in a way that is suitable for your growing family. With growing children around, soon, space becomes premium and storage, a challenge. A growing family needs smart home décor. Especially your bedrooms, kid’s rooms, beds and mattresses definitely need a re-look.

Here are some exciting ideas as to how spruce up your custom bedheads and make a difference to your home décor. The ideas will surely make you ready for the challenges of a growing family.

Trims Add a Dash of Interest

A textured, patterned or coloured trim makes your basic upholstered headboard interesting. Let the trim echo the shape of the headboard. This is a good option for both boy’s and girl’s headboards.

Padded Headboards for Safety and Style

Frame your daybed with an upholstered fabric for kids.’ A padded headboard will protect the child from bumping into the wall and provide you with a comfortable place to lean on. A framed daybed with a padded upholstered headboard adds extra style and colour to your bed and bedroom.

Kids Under The Sea Headboard

Custom beds and headboards are hugely popular these days as retail furnishing business have taken the online route. You can now custom build your bed and headboard according to your needs and style and order them online. Also booking custom made mattresses online from any of the reputed online furnishing companies like Billys Beds is also easy, if your looking to buy both together.

Freestanding Headboards for Sleek Storage Ideas

Growing children need more space. Freestanding headboards are great because of the flexibility they offer. These come in options of bookcase or storage headboards. Also you can mount them to the wall or directly to the bedframe. Most headboards come with built-in storage space offering eye-catching display room for your tween’s prized possessions, books and keepsakes. All these get a place of pride and also help keep the room look tidy.

Bookcases as Bedheads

These sleek freestanding headboards can be attached to a bed frame to give your child easy access to her favourite bedtime book, plus the sports memorabilia can also get a dedicated section. Matching the colour of the headboard with the bed gives it a built-in look.

Funky Shaped headboards

To give a twist to your regular square headboard, play around with its shape. A wavy-shaped bedhead can be a visual treat for the little one in your family. You can also give headboards a new finish with an upholstered panel complementing the bedding and bed colour. For a teenages bedroom go for a design thats not on the high street, as that will appeal to teenages trying to make their bedroom look more individualistic.

Teenages Bedroom With Funky Headboard

We know that juggling the demands of a growing family is not easy. We hope you will have fun refreshing the look of your childs bedrooms, from toddlers to tweens there are many great ideas.



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