Modern glass banisters and modern lighting

How Strategic Lighting Can Add Drama To Your Home’s Interior

Although many don’t realise it, there is far more to lighting in the home than simply using it to illuminate a room, it can also be a very important style feature.

There are 3 things to consider when you are choosing lighting, the first is to ensure that the style of light and the shade which you add to it are the perfect fit for the room, the second is that the colour, strength and angle of the light is done in the right way to give your home’s interior that dramatic and stylish feel and the third is the choice of light switch, do you go for a standard switch, a dimmer switch or do you go for a smart lighting control system where you can alter the lighting using smartphone control.

When it comes to the style of light which you are looking for, doing a quick search online will introduce you to a world of fascinating lighting styles. If the dramatic look is what you are trying to achieve, here are some ideas on doing just that.


Dark Tiled bathroom with light over bathroom mirror

Spotlights are often misused as a room-filling light, when in fact they are about highlighting certain areas of the room. For example if you are going to put spotlights in the hallway then ensure that they are utilised in the right way by highlighting a piece of art work, or a feature wall, or perhaps even a small enclave within the space. A collection of spotlights don’t provide much light, which is why this lighting style should be combined with larger lights, in order to add drama.


Lights and mirrors, when used in the right way, can bring impactful and stylish drama to the room and increase the general feeling of illumination. If you are doing this then you should look to play around with the angles here, the last thing you want to do is have a light which reflects directly out of the mirror, as the glare is not going to be pleasant.

Mirrors and lighting to brighten hallway

If however you have a room which needs to feel bigger then this is a wonderful way in which you can do just that. If you happen to be on the lookout for lighted mirrors Clearlight Designs has a wide array of great-looking lighted mirrors that you can choose from.

Light and Dark

The use of light and dark when it comes to lighting can play a major role in changing how a particular room feels and it can also enhance or reduce the feeling of space in the room. A common mistake which many people make is that they focus on lighting the main area of the room and this can often lead to dark corners and a feeling of restriction, a far better set up is to use small lamps or angled lighting to bring more life out of the room and ensure that all areas of the room are bathed in light. Multiple lights and dimmers also give you the chance to create different moods within a room, which is of course ideal for different uses of the room.

A light is not just something to brighten up a room, if used well, lighting can be a key aspect of creating a specific atmosphere, style and design within your home.