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The Future Of Office Furniture Design

You would’ve heard the saying, ‘you are a product of your environment.’ This is the mindset businesses are tapping into when it comes to innovating their office furniture in the workplace.

The modern office now moves away from the traditional setting such as desks, chairs and other furniture for tasks to be carried out. Thankfully, wireless internet, laptops and tablets means it’s not necessary to be chained to your desk.

The well-being of your employees will depend on this by making sure there are a variety of spaces they can work, collaborate and unwind with high-quality furniture. So how can you design an environment that will best develop you towards your objective?

Accent Office Interiors is a UK based company passionate about inventive, fit for purpose office designs. Their recent design competition was to come up with smart furniture designs that every office should implement or might need in the future.

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The winner was a student from Farnborough 6th form college with her Desk Pedals concept. Her idea was a compact set of pedals which sit under the desk and generate electricity to power the lights in the office:

Influenced by modern-day needs, this fit-bit style concept tackles two issues at once – office workers living unhealthy lifestyles due to the sedate nature of their jobs, and the factor of electricity consumption and wastage. Hence, it is twice as beneficial to incorporate in an office.

Many office design trends are focusing on creating a positive workplace experience. We understand that sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day is affecting employees health and movement. By increasing activity levels during the day, this can assist in alleviating health problems. Decorating your office with natural elements is also beneficial.

The Future Of Office Furniture Design - Tokyo Office By General Design - Image Via

Instead of displaying plants by your desk, why not get creative and install a hanging garden above your conference table or turn a collaborative space into a relaxing green area to make you feel like you’re sitting in a park? The office ambience will make your employees feel happier and healthier, as well as boost productivity levels.

Other innovative office design trends include yoga studios and classes, massage rooms, music and entertainment rooms where employees can peel their eyes away from their screen and relax- a great way to regain focus and concentration.

The Future Of Office Furniture Design - Tokyo Office By General Design - Image Via

Companies are now playing a more active role as it relates to environmental sustainability. This can be highlighted through the introduction of biophilic elements and integrating natural materials into the interior and exterior of their office.

The trend of office optimisation and innovative workplace design planning are predicted to increase significantly as we head into 2019 and beyond. This will have an impact on the future of office workspaces.

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