Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

Whatever the time of year it’s fun for you and your dog to spend time in the garden.

Children and dogs playing together is also a very special sight to see, but where we’d make sure the garden was safe for our children, pet owners are now realising not all gardens are as safe as we would like for our dogs.

There are thankfully a number of areas we can look at to improve our gardens safety for our dogs, from the more obvious to the ones many of us had rarely thought of.

Take for example plants and bulbs, they seem quite harmless, and although most of us are aware from a young age not to eat berries, it is not as common knowledge that other parts of the plant like the bulb are in fact really toxic if eaten by dogs.

How many puppies and even adult dogs dig up the garden and chew on everything they find? Before we’ve blinked our eye the item in question has been chewed beyond recognition or swallowed hole.

If these items are toxic to dogs, then our beloved pets would need to be rushed to the vets, which is not a nice experience for anyone involved. The best option would be to look at which plants you already have in your garden and which you intend to plant in the future and cross check with the infographic below – Is Your Garden Dog Friendly and read the Dog Trust fact sheet on poisonous plants.

Infographic by Rattan Direct