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6 DIY Ideas To Help Sell Your Home For More

Selling your property can be difficult.

You may be concerned about preparing your home for lots of viewings, or how long it could take for your property to sell. Another area you should consider is the price.

To achieve the highest possible value for your home, you need to present it in the best light. This means more than having a quick tidy or a clean. So, to impress valuers and viewers, try these budget-friendly DIY tips before selling your home.

Increase the Light

Using light to give the appearance of a more spacious interior is an old designer trick, but it really works. Replacing dim bulbs with brighter ones, installing wall lights, or adding more lamps can help to open a room. Use alongside mirrors to reflect natural light and it could increase value.

Paint and Paint

6 DIY Ideas To Help Sell Your Home For More

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You may love those deep or bright colours, but they’re not so popular with estate agents or buyers. They can leave viewers spending more time looking at the paint than visualising themselves in the space. To solve this, repaint walls, kitchen cupboards and doors in neutral shades, like white, mink, caramel or grey.

Fixtures and Fittings

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can reduce value or appeal, such as fixtures and fittings. Invest some time and replace plastic shower and curtain rails with expensive looking brass, update handles and knobs, and install new light switches and sockets.

Add to the Storage

6 DIY Ideas To Help Sell Your Home For More

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Every home needs storage. Adding built in storage could boost value, by allowing you to clear clutter and showcase the space. You could do this by building an under-window storage seat, turning an alcove into a cupboard, or adding wall storage in the kitchen and bathroom.

Create a Multi-Purpose Garden

If your home has a garden, create separate areas to sell it. Get out the garden tools and tidy the grass, create a seating area with furniture and lighting, and add low maintenance plants in raised beds. This will give more structure to your garden, helping to bump up the price by creating a lifestyle.

Front Door Appeal

Finally, remember first impressions. Give your front door a new coat of paint and make sure your house number is clearly visible. Showcase the entrance with lights or plants. And clean brickwork and windows, to impress both valuers and buyers.

While it can be time consuming, carrying out a little DIY before listing your home for sale could help you to boost the value and secure a better price.