Luxury new house being built in rural countryside

Finding A Middle Ground Between New Build And Self-build

Having a hard time choosing between a new build home and a self-build property?

We completely understand. New build homes are much easier to buy than building a home from scratch, but it does leave you far more limited. At least if you build your own home you can make choices regarding the size, layout and style of the house, but with new builds, you’re left having to find one that best matches your dream home. But have you considered that there might be a middle ground? Custom-build properties are that middle ground.

Is custom-built for you?

Custom build properties are becoming more popular as more people are looking for a way to create the home of their dreams, without having to compromise or having to build the property themselves.

Large house being built and surrounded by scaffolding

With a custom build property, you get to choose how your home looks and having the final say on things like finishes, but the professionals take care of all of the building work for you. You won’t get quite as much freedom as you would do with a self-build, but you’ll have much more selection than you would buying a new build or a property that has already been lived in.

Personal benefits of a custom build

There are a lot of benefits to you if you select a custom build property over a new build or a self-build. These include:

  • Less risk and less work. With a self-build property, you will need to take care of everything, from designing the home to finding construction workers, to applying for planning permission. This can be a lot to handle and difficult to navigate, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it could be a very lengthy process.  With a custom build property, you won’t need to worry about any of this. The company you work with will be responsible for securing planning permissions, and hiring designers and labour to complete the work, all you need to do is instruct them.
  • Maximum choice: if you custom build your property then you have maximum choice over the style and layout of the property. You can decide what the rooms look like and in some cases, you can choose things like where bathrooms should go and the size you’d like bedrooms to be. With some custom builds you begin with the shell of the house and the layout inside is completely your choice. With others, you won’t get as much choice, but you still decide things like the finishings.
  • Home type. If you want a specific home type, for example, if you wanted an eco-friendly home, you are more likely to be able to make this a reality with a custom build than you are a new build property.
  • Budget. Custom builds are flexible, which gives you better control over your budget and allows you to create the home of your dreams within the budget you have.
House being built

Property benefits of a custom build

There are also a lot of benefits to having a property built through a custom-build program.

  • Custom build companies use excellent builders and construction workers, so their work is high quality and so are the materials that they use. This will help you to keep your home looking newer for longer and will reduce the amount of maintenance the property needs from you, inevitably saving you money.
  • You can get the most out of your new home if you can do things like design your floor plan. You can tailor the home exactly to you, your needs, your family and your hobbies. So if you did want something out of the ordinary in your home, a custom build is the perfect way to get it.
  • Customised options like skylights in your bedrooms, isn’t usually an option with new builds, of course, but with custom build properties it is much easier to add features like that into your home.