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How to incorporate the “Cosmic” trend in your home

If you keep up with emerging trends, you’ll have noticed that both interior and fashion designers have spent a little time staring into space, looking for inspiration recently.  Galaxies, stars, nebulas and planets have all found their way into clothing and homeware collections.

In January 2015, the “cosmic” trend featured heavily at Maison et Objet (the trade show for interior designers), where rugs, tables and dinner plates were literally out of this world.  A month later, designers showed space-inspired clothing on the catwalks at London Fashion Week.  Fast forward to April 2015 and the theme could be found for a third time at Salone (known as the Milan Furniture Fair).

cosmic theme shower curtain

This is no surprise to experts in the industry, who’ve seen the cosmic trend on the horizon for a while now.  Gudy from predicted it back in September 2014, when she presented her trend proposal for 2016 to Global Color Research, a creative colour consultancy who invite experts to their bi-annual forecast meetings.  In a blog post containing her predictions, she wrote:

“Cosmic plays with the dark, the unknown, mystery and interacts at the same time with very shiny and bright colors. Iridescence and glitter effects are key here // Exploding stars and Aurora Boreales give the inspiration for a new visual language with a wide color palette // The color palette is bright, vivid and acid with pink an purple, greens and turquoise. Black and a really dark blue are the perfect backdrop for dramatic contrasts. “


Incorporating the trend in your home:

If you’re planning to refurbish one of your rooms and you’d like to incorporate a modern, emerging trend it might be time to cast your gaze towards the night sky for inspiration.

Here are four simple ways to include the “galaxy” trend in your home:

Incorporating the cosmic or galaxy trend in your home

1) Bedding

Take your otherworldly theme into the bedroom by opting for a celestially inspired duvet cover.  These stunning sheets were designed by Shannon Clark for DENY for Urban Outfitters.  They’re now sold out at UO, but can still be purchased at for $199 and Amazon for $147.  A number of other items (cushions, clocks, shower curtains and dog beds for instance) can also be found with the same beautiful print.

2) Blind

Block out light pollution AND gaze up to the stars with this gorgeous blind by  The blind features a “nebula” galaxy space digital print in vivid shades of pink, purple, blue and green.

3) Wallpaper

Incorporate the cosmic trend in any room by creating a feature wall using a galaxy themed mural.  The contrasting colours and beautiful nebula design will brighten up any dull room.  For maximum impact, keep the rest of the room very minimal and plain (as pictured).

4) Table

Looking for the perfect way to subtly incorporate the cosmic trend into your home?  This nest of three side tables feature planetary-inspired tops, each in contrasting colours.  Use the tables to add bold punches of colour to a living or dining room.

Will you be trying the cosmic trend in your home?

Whether you’re designing a room that is ‘out of this world’, or giving a nod to the trend with a few ornaments, let us know in the comments below.  We’d love to hear how you’re incorporating the trend into your home.



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