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5 Of The Best Home Improvement Tips For 2018

It seems that the world of home decor, like the fashion world, can change at a surprisingly quick pace with its trends.

Naturally, you might be eager to prepare your home to make it look “in” for 2018; however, you shouldn’t just consider what will be popular during the year. You ought to also mull over practical concerns; after all, this is a building for living in, not just looking at!

Here are some tips for giving your home a 2018 makeover for the better.

Add colour of more vibrancy

It’s easy to feel comfortable with the muted colours that have seemed fashionable for interiors in 2017. After all, neutral and pastel colours can evoke a feeling of safety and stability.

However, Home Renovation Ideas has predicted that more bold and vivid hues will be popular next year. Expect the likes of fuchsia, burnt orange, mustard, and deep blues. If you’re still feeling cautious, you could use accessories to add small splashes of colour, as The Fill advises.

Be more heavy on the metal

5 Of The Best Home Improvement Tips For 2018 - Image From Design-Milk.com

Now is the time to be a metalhead! No, you don’t have to change your music taste. Instead, you can join in with a trend that has already been popular this year: metallic touches on home decor.

You could take a subtle approach by purchasing a copper end table or hanging up a silver-accented mirror. Alternatively, you can be more adventurous by layering metallic wallpaper; you might not have noticed the variety of this, in terms of sheens and patterns, that is available.

Strip things down with minimalism

There’s a risk of trying too hard when putting together the look of a residential interior, but the minimalist approach can seem like the complete opposite.

Here, adhering to minimalism can often be about opting for pieces, such as furniture made of vinyl or faux suede fabric, that can be easily looked after. Nonetheless, aim to strip out visual flourishes rather than functionality.

For example, for insulating your roof, you could choose TLX insulation. With TLX installation provided by a company like Findley Roofing & Building, there can be reassuringly little change to the height of a roof that can still be effectively insulated.

Bring the outside in

Bird of Paradise - 5 Of The Best Home Improvement Tips For 2018

Hang on, isn’t this taking the minimalist approach a little too far? No, we aren’t quite suggesting that you should knock down an exterior wall of your house. You can, however, take more inspiration from Mother Nature with what you place inside your residence.

That could include plants that are well-suited to the indoors; good examples include ferns, Fiddle-leaf fig trees and Bird of Paradise. Alternatively, you could select artificial plants for ornamentation that fits in with the theme but requires less upkeep.

Shout “timber” louder than a lumberjack

For a long time, interior design has often included natural coloured timbers like oak. However, next year, it will become trendy to use particularly dark timbers for kitchens and bathrooms. Look out for such timbers in furniture and even the look of tiles.

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