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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wall Art Size For Your Home Décor

Would you like to decorate your home with some amazing wall arts?

You’ve bought that expensive couch of your choice and all the accents you desire like a rug, coffee table and the likes. But you’re left with just one final touch of an amazing artwork for your masterpiece to become a paradise. What’s delaying you?

No doubt, selecting the right art size or knowing the best way to arrange it on your wall can seem a hassle. But there is no need to feel overwhelmed. You are about to find answers to all possible questions about selecting the right size of arts for your home décor.

This guide offers five tips to solve your problem and help you decide what wall art size will be just right for your home. Besides, these points will also make the selection process fun and entirely hassle free!

1. Consider Your Room Size

When choosing art for your room, ensure you obey the rule that says ‘bigger is better,’ especially for large rooms. Many people are fond of making the mistake of “one size fits all” when choosing wall arts.

Wall art from Elephant Stock

Many people select wall art that is smaller than the size of their room. If you’re spending a large amount on the artwork, you won’t like to buy and hang, only to see that your room still appears barren. It can be sad and disappointing. It is best to select wall arts that are proportional to the room size and capable of creating a focal point.

 2. Evaluate Your Wall

Here, you will need to consider two major things. Firstly the overall dimensions of your home wall, and secondly, the orientation. Is it a tall, narrow, or horizontal wall? A tall and narrow wall will suit art of the same shape created in a portrait or vertical orientation.

Wall art from Elephant Stock

In contrast, horizontal wall spaces usually seen over sofas will work best with landscape horizontal wall arts. Thus, considering the whole wall space dimensions, your wall art should cover up to two-thirds of your wall.

3. Level Up

Do you know what level up means here? It means you shouldn’t overlook the height you want to hang your canvas when choosing the right wall art size. Ensure to place the center of the art at eye level.

Furthermore, when hanging your wall art over furniture, ensure that you create space by hanging it between 6 to 12 inches over the top of the furniture. The height at which you hung your artwork will establish a striking effect on the home décor of your dream.

 4. Your Gallery walls

Gallery walls are ways to fill up a large space when you have several kinds of wall art. You have several prints within the same colour palette that you would like to group or display amazing photography frames. 

Wall art from Elephant Stock

In addition, you can put wall art of similar size together or grouping art with different dimensions in many galleries displays. Alternatively, you can opt for a single amazing large wall art in place of multiple small-sized arts.

 5. Consider the Roof Height

You need to think of the height you intend to hang the art when choosing the art size. Ensure you hang the center point of the art at eye level and not too close to the roof. Always use the average 5’6’”person as a reference regardless of your height. Don’t hang art based on your height! The roof can be a suitable guide to help you.

Wrapping Up

Original art is a huge investment that can stay for a lifetime. However, it can make or break a room, and it’s very necessary to make a home appear complete. Now comes the fun aspect, exploring the work of art! Have a blast choosing an appropriate size of art that best suits your home.