6 Timeless Home Décor Trends

6 Timeless Home Décor Trends

Your home is your safe haven, your pride and joy and ultimately your favourite place to be!

Despite how much we obsess about keeping them tidy and looking great, we know deep down that it’s an ongoing and expensive task. If you’re one for keeping up with interior design trends or stunning interior pins on Pinterest, you’ll know that as much as you want the latest trend, it’s near impossible to keep up with them due to just how quickly they change.

We all want our homes to look magnificent, whether it’s that luxury, homely or cosy style we’re seeking. We desire that retreat after a hard day’s work that we’re looking forward to seeing, or that place you can show off to your guests that says I have a fantastic home.

The problem is, however, as much as we want it, it’s impossible to keep up with every trend and we can’t expect or afford to redecorate our home every time it changes. Therefore, instead of chasing something that will change as quickly as the British weather, opt for something timeless that doesn’t go out of fashion after a few months!

Below we’ve provided you with 6 clever home décor trends that ensure your interior will be looking amazing for years to come so don’t be sucked into the latest must-have’s and use these tips to achieve a look that will leave you and your home happier for longer!

The Colour

When it comes to colour, this is probably the biggest culprit that changes so much. You will read each week about the new ‘in’ colour that needs to be in your home since yesterday but don’t give in. For a timeless, exciting look, your room will need a colour to make it stand out and be inviting.

Buying new paint or wallpaper can be costly so to get some timeless colour why not utilise accessories to give you that ‘popping’ colour that you need and at a fraction of the price. Invest in throw pillows, vases, lamps, ornaments and blankets. The benefit is they’re interchangeable pieces that can be cycled with the season.

Recommending a timeless wall colour will always depend on your home and the light of the room. If you find a colour that suits the room, utilising accessories is the best solution for adding colour as it means you don’t have to change a working combination.

The Minimalist

6 Timeless Home Décor Trends

Homes are often ruined by clutter and crowdedness. The fewer things you have taking up your valuable space, the better. Do you really need all of those old magazines and books clogging up your living room table?

Having a minimalist layout stands the test of time, it looks clean and rather than making your room look smaller, it opens up the space. Use this when it comes to your downstairs layout, your conservatory furniture, your kitchen decorations and your hall way settings – basically all throughout your home to keep that continuous clean-cut theme all the way through.

By removing unwanted items and putting in objects that are in proportion to your room size, you’ll quickly see the benefit.

The Quality

Now this is important to pay attention to when redecorating your home. The biggest mistake everyone makes is treating their home as a never ending project, they cave to product releases and social media advertisements creating a constant logic of having to buy new elements.

This just doesn’t work and it proves highly costly. No home looks classy or well put together if there are too many things going on. Steer clear of those little additions here and there and instead, wait for those bigger, higher quality pieces that truly enhances your home.

You don’t need loads of little ornaments when one intriguing piece will speak louder on its own. Chances are it may be more expensive but it will not only last longer in your home but it will look greater for longer.

The Furniture

6 Timeless Home Décor Trends - Cane Furniture

Despite wanting your home to look beautiful, as nice as showrooms are, your home isn’t one so don’t treat it like one, you still need it to be comfortable. Furniture pieces may look fabulous but you need to be realistic as you will need somewhere where you can relax and sit rather than just admire!

You can still obviously get a stunning piece but opt for practicality and functionality. Work with your room and find comfortable pieces that fit the rooms shape and the amount of family members you have. People are now even looking to being more inventive and timelessly inclined by bringing their outdoor cane furniture into their homes as they’re looking to combat wear & tear and the effect of messy kids and a busy house.

By being practical, you can display furniture and décor that deals with high household traffic, all whilst it all looks beautiful and with the added benefit of it lasting longer.

The Lighting

Whenever you’re planning out the room you’re working with, natural lighting must be your first port of call. A dingy and dark room isn’t what you want and it’s one that will subconsciously be avoided due to its uninviting aura.

For a timeless look, take advantage of what you have and opt for those window treatments that highlight and absorb more light. For those spaces where there is a shortage of light, buy some lighting additions that give the room a lighter and brighter glow.

Lighting can easily make or break any room, too much and it overpowers it, too little and it becomes dull so you need to consider what you have available and work closely with your colour scheme to give yourself a natural and comfortable environment.

The Durability

You can’t achieve the timeless aesthetic if you don’t invest in a long term home décor, this goes hand in hand with quality pieces. Rather than the cheap and cheerful replica pieces, you need to purchases durable ones that last and handle a high traffic household.

Your rooms should be seen as a long term investment so your furniture needs to represent this. If you’re nipping to stores for the latest bargain, it may look nice but it’s not going to last. That’s why you need to shop cleverly.

If you continuously have to replace poorly made products, whether its furnishings, decorations or colours, it’s going to cost you more in the long run than just making that one off, well put together item purchase. It is simply not timeless if you have to replace your newest piece because it breaks, stains, peels away or because you can’t relax, so don’t go skimping!