How to Design the Ideal Bedroom

The average person spends a third of their existence asleep, which equates to around 26 years given the average life expectancy in the UK is 79.5 years. When looking at things this way, you realise how important it is to create the perfect bedroom environment.

How can you develop this space to be worthy of so much of your precious time and enhance your experience while you are in there?


Start by choosing a colour wisely. There has been a lot of research to suggest that blue is the ideal colour for the bedroom. Leatrice Eiseman, a colour specialist, has conducted extensive surveys asking thousands of people how they feel when shown a particular colour.

Almost all the participants associated blue with clear skies, which she claims reminds people of “stability and calm”.

Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Colour Association of the United States believes that blue actually lowers blood pressure and feelings of stress. Being able to completely relax should provide a vastly improved quality of sleep.


Next, think about what furniture you need. It is critical to have the essentials but at the same time create an atmosphere that is easy to keep free of dirt and mess.

A study from University College London found that living in a clean environment can improve mental health. You obviously need a bed, some tables and wardrobes, though, so how do you choose the right items?

According to Michael Decker, a professor at Georgia State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep, “a mattress that reduces pressure points on the body should give you a better night’s sleep.”

But the ideal mattress also varies from person to person and you should make sure you get one that fits both your needs and your partner’s.

For example, if you have back or neck pain you don’t want a mattress that is so soft that you sink down into it, but you also have to avoid one that is too hard and will worsen your condition.

In this case, a memory foam or latex mattress should suit you best. In queen and king sizes, this type of mattresses can sometimes be ordered with different levels of firmness on each side so that you both enjoy restful nights.

Picking the perfect bedside tables should be easier. Websites like Vivendo have tables in all styles, and you can browse through each range until you find the right one.

There are tables with a contemporary feel, stylish designs, wooden or metal. Select a design that will match with your colour scheme and then look for wardrobes with a similar character. This will help achieve balance, which will create a more peaceful atmosphere.


Symmetry is another vital aspect of designing the flawless room, so bear this in mind when deciding on your wardrobes.

A symmetrical room means your brain has to process less information than it would with a cluttered design.

A common and popular bedroom layout is to have the bed in the middle on one wall, with bedside tables on either side and a dresser on the wall directly opposite the foot of the bed.

Two wardrobes can then slot in either side of the dresser to create seamless balance.

You are now well on the way to forming a wonderful atmosphere for the principal room of the house.

Add some personal touches such as photographs and calming scents like lavender to top it all off.

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