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Advantages Of Natural Thin Stone Veneers

Natural thin stone veneers look stylish and they do not require that you make any significant alterations to the building’s structure.

On top of that, they are significantly more cost-effective than full stone veneers. Stay with us as we elaborate more on these advantages and discuss a few additional ones too.

They are Truly Cost-Effective

Even high-quality natural thin stone veneer is cost-effective because natural stones like granite last a lot longer than any other veneering material. They also look better while costing only a bit more than cheaper alternatives such as manufactured stone veneers or polyurethane faux stone veneers.

They Are a Lot Cheaper to Install than Full Stone Veneers

Full natural stone veneers may last a lot longer. Other than that, they have a number of disadvantages such as:

  • Higher cost of material (more stone per sq. ft. = more money per sq. ft.)
  • Higher cost of transportation, as heavier, thicker granite tiles are not cheap to have transported even today.
  • Higher cost of labour: Carrying, loading, transporting and installing those superheavy tiles will require more labourers and equipment, for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, thin stone veneers are much lighter, so none of the above disadvantages apply to them.

Unmatched Versatility

Being comparatively lightweight, natural thin stone veneers can be easily used:

Stone wall and fireplace in livingroom

  • To add a classy, aesthetic appeal to your interior walls as well as your exterior walls.
  • To cover nearly any surface, including wood, brick, render, drywall and concrete.
  • To add interior décor elements on top of existing brick veneers.

Note that the versatility of natural thin stone veneer is not only related to the fact that it can be installed on a wide range of surfaces. The natural stones such as granite, marble and limestone also offer excellent versatility when it comes to colour, grain, design, patterns and texture. Moreover, unlike any manmade veneers, each pattern on every natural stone siding is always going to be unique since nature does not create duplicates. If you do see duplicates, you are likely being sold manufactured stone sidings.

They Look identical to Full, Natural Stone Veneers

In case you are concerned about thin stone veneers looking cheap, it should not be an issue. Provided you are buying from quality sellers, pre-cut corners will flawlessly replicate full natural stone veneers. Besides, thin natural stone veneers are not fakes unlike manufactured stone veneers or plastic veneers. They are simply more manageable portions of the same natural stone.

Stone Wall

Do pay attention to the stone you choose, because some natural stone veneers are not ideal for exterior walls in certain climatic conditions. Full stone veneers can be maintained regularly, and they are thick enough for the erosion to not be a problem anytime soon, but thin tiles will wither away much faster under harsh weather conditions. Only granite stone veneers stay unaffected by harsh weather conditions, even when used as a thin tile on exterior walls.