Make The Most Of Your Space - Image From - Headboard And Room Divider In One

Make The Most Of Your Space

Home is where the heart is, after all it is where you spend most of your time!

However a recent study suggested that roughly seven in ten British homeowners are not happy with their home and 28% of these participants simply stated that their home is too small for them, so how exactly do you make the most of the space you do have without building an extension or moving?

Go Vertical

When looking at a room don’t just assume that everything should be placed at eye height or below, add in some artwork or mirrors higher than you usually would to draw your eye upwards and make the room seem bigger.

You can also experiment with adding shelving and storage space at higher levels; have some space above your cabinets or room above the doors for a shelf or two? Although unconventional it will free up floor space and add height to the room.

Get Painting

Make The Most Of Your Space - Painting

It’s common knowledge that using dark colours can close a space up, so when decorating make sure you utilise light, neutral colours on the walls and try painting the ceiling a lighter and brighter shade, by doing this you’ll create the illusion of height and help to expand the room.

Think Beyond The Door

Doors are great for privacy, but assuming you don’t mind sharing your space with those you live with, try removing the traditional doors from your rooms.

It may seem radical but by replacing them with blackout curtains, glass doors or even leaving them with nothing at all, your space will flow a lot better and each room will feel just that bit bigger.


Make The Most Of Your Space - Image From - Headboard And Room Divider In One

Dual-duty furniture can often be seen as poor alternatives to traditional storage, however when you are tight on space these pieces can be lifesavers.

Consider your dining room for example, could your table also be used in the day time as a desk? Perhaps you have a coffee table with space underneath for books?

Or even the good old favourite of using the space beneath your mattress for clothes and shoes. Think outside the box and you’ll almost definitely find an unused space you can utilise.

Do It Yourself

A lot of the time all that’s needed to transform a space is a little elbow grease! Grab some good quality power tools and harness your DIY spirit, by building your own storage solutions you can control the size and shape of the furniture making it perfect for squeezing into those nooks and crannies which make your home unique.

By utilising a do it yourself approach you also have the ability to really make the space your own and add personal touches, I’d recommend adding a pop of colour through your furniture and accessories which will make them stand out against the neutral walls.

Grab your Bin Bags

It’s time to get a little bit radical… Think about all of the objects you have in your home are they really necessary? Charity shops are crying out for donations, an item you see as cluttering up your home, could be just what someone else really needs.

It truly is the ultimate tip for maximising space, a clutter free home = a spacious home.

So there you have it, the top tips to maximise your space, no matter how small your home.

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