Modern black and white bathroom with black fixtures and fittings including black taps adn blask shower frame.

Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom 

Remodelling or renovating your bathroom can be costly, especially if you have ample space.

However, if you want to be comfortable using the facility as much as possible, you may have to overlook the cost. You can work with established contractors to get yourself a great deal and get the bathroom done the way you like it. 

Perhaps your bathroom has old fittings, and you want to upgrade it. You may also want to replace the tiles and install new lighting fixtures to make them feel more luxurious. Perhaps there are underlying problems in the structure you need to address quickly. Such are the most common reasons why homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms

Here are other possible reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom, so that you have all the infomation you need to help you decided whether it’s time or not to proceed with the remodel.

Update the aesthetics of your bathroom

Perhaps you feel that your bathroom needs an update. The fittings are old, the tiles and the walls are dirty, and the general feel of the place isn’t comfortable anymore. You can install a walk in bath for a safer and better bathing experience and couple it with a heating system and a better shower head, and you’ll recreate a spa-like experience. To enhance the aesthetics, you can also replace the dull tiles with colourful or monochromatic ones depending on your preference. 

There’s an underlying problem

Perhaps there’s a water leak or mould growth, so you must remodel your bathroom to fix the problems. There could be wood rot or loose tiles, which would significantly affect the aesthetics and the safety of the people using the facility. Renovating the space is the best answer to resolve such concerns. 

You want additional functionality 

With an increasing number of people using the bathroom, you may want to remodel it to add functionality. For example, you could install a shower cubical, as it’s well known that people spend less time in the shower, freeing up the bathroom for others to use. Though you don’t have to sacrifice the bathtub, if you love the bathing experience, if you have room, fit both!

Black and white monochrome bathroom with white stand alone bath and black vanity unit with two white sinks

A number of bathrooms even have enough room for two sinks to be fitted within the vanity units, this way two people can have their own wash basin and they both have the room to brush their teeth at the same time. 

You want to increase the resale value of your house

According to most realtors, one of the make-or-break points in a sale is the state of the bathroom. If you’re looking to sell your property, you need the bathroom to appeal to potential buyers. Even small ensuits bathrooms need to look up to date and clean and tidy.

Small ensuite shower room

New build homes are built to appeal to the modern day market, often include a small bathroom downstairs with a toiler and sink, a main family three or four piece bathroom and at least one ensuit. This shows the importance of bathrooms to many people looking to by a home.

Improve the safety of the facility

You mustn’t overlook safety with young children around or older people using the bathroom. Most accidents happen in the bathroom due to a slippery floor from a water leak, or overspray from the shower or bath. You could resolve this safety hazards by installing non-slip flooring, grab bars or shower screens.


Remodelling your bathroom should be high on your priority list, especially if underlying problems affect its functionality and safety. As a homeowner, it good to ensure that the bathroom isn’t only pleasant but safe a functionable too.