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Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes You Could Be Making

It doesn’t take much to turn your home into a fantastic place to live but you may be making one or more of common interior design mistakes.

Find out with this definitive list from Balustrade Components.

Everything is at the same height

The best way to define scale is to a design is to liken it to a city landscape. Nothing is a uniform height and these varying heights add to a sense of appeal about the skyline. In a room, we may opt for everything to be a similar height believing this brings uniformity and order but what it does bring are one dimension and a flat vista.

It’s cluttered with impulse buys

In a well-executed and designed space, every addition (and subtraction) is a considered decision. In other words, when you are seeking to add something new, set a budget and shop around, avoiding impulse purchases that look great in the shop but just not quite right in situ.

NOT asking for professional design advice

With the advent of the internet and forums, there is no reason why you cannot seek opinion, advice and suggestions from other like-minded people, including professional interior designers. If you have a room to revamp, why not seek professional services to help you do it?

Not following the rule of three

Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes You Could Be Making

We all have collections, from cute little porcelain figures to candles. Unfortunately, we have a habit of scattering these about a room and this makes for a fractured appearance. Items should always be grouped in odd numbers and the rule of three is a good one to follow. Cluster your porcelain figures or your candles in one spot on a shelf etc.

Just banging a nail into the wall…

… and hoping that the art work that hangs well. Rather than having a wall pock-marked with holes, spend time getting it right by creating to-scale paper cut outs of your artwork and arranging it on the wall before you start banging nails in the wall.

Painting first

It is a common mistake but people often start with the tin of paint or the wallpaper and work out from there. But there is a problem with this: getting fabrics and materials to match is tough. This is why interior designers always start with the fabrics and upholstery first because it is easier to mix a tin of paint to the colour and shade you want rather than desperately trying to get the mustard yellow throw to work.

Rushing and missing the character of a space

You have money in your pocket and you have simply fallen in love with everything in the showroom. As a result, you buy everything in one place and bask in the glory that you have created the perfect space all in one afternoon of shopping.

With everything in situ, however, you realise something isn’t right. It is all too ‘matchy-matchy’. Character is a tough one to define, especially for someone else to define on your behalf but most designers would agree that character in an interior design scheme is developed over time.

The addition of key pieces comes when the item comes to you, and not necessarily found in the glossy showroom but, don’t forget it needs to be a considered purchase (see Point 2!)

Not adding a focal point

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If there is no focal point to a room, it feels like there is too much going on, with the room being chaotic and cluttered. The problem is a lack of focal point, the post that pulls the eyeline to that place or object. From here, the eye travels outwards, taking in the rest of the detail and delighting in the colours and hues within the space.

There is no hard and fast rule about what can or cannot be a focal point, just so long as there one obvious point of ‘look at me!’ in a room.

Keeping hold of things you hate

Hate is a strong word but if there is something in your space you detest, why is it still there? It may be that it is an heirloom or the family ‘pass-me-down’ antique but if you don’t like, you don’t need it there. Place it in safe storage or pass it on to a more appreciative family member.

Not showing your personality

And finally, where is ‘you’ in the room? If you have a show home lounge, that’s great but are you sure you want it so anonymous, so utilitarian? From a quirky piece of art to a collection of oddities, don’t forget design is about the people who live there.

What interior design mistakes have you made? How did you rectify them?

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