4 Ways To Pander To Your Pooches Needs - French Bulldog

4 Ways To Pander To Your Pooches Needs

What better way to treat your pet pooch than to fit your home and your lives out with products that make yours and your dog’s life a breeze!

Do you have a demanding pooch? I love dogs, but they can be like children and have you run ragged. It can be made easier with a little help! Some are quick fixes other require adding to your home, but they’re all worth it, for you and your pet’s happiness.

Walkies in comfort

4 Ways To Pander To Your Pooches Needs - NOXGEAR LightHound - Image Via eBay - Sold By TrailAdventureStore
Image Source: © eBay – Trail Adventure Store

Having your dog pull you along isn’t fun for you or your dog. Purchasing a dog harness can make life so much easier and walkies time an enjoyable experience for you and your dog – just as it should be!

Having control of your dog when out on a walk is really important for many reasons, especially when it comes to traffic and other dogs. They also help prevent neck injuries from your dog over pulling. The Noxgear LightHound above has the added benefit of glowing in the dark too – a win win in our books!

Chilling in the pool

4 Ways To Pander To Your Pooches Needs - Image Via Instagram - By LouieTheLabRetiever
Image Source: © Instagram – Louie The Lab Retriever

On a baking hot day your dog’s not going to appreciate walking anywhere. Instead relaxing and cooling down in your garden with a dog pool is much more of a luxury.

You can have one built or buy a readymade foldout pool, either way if your dog loves water they are going to feel very spoilt with this idea.

Freedom to roam around the home

You’ve stopped what you’re in the middle of doing to let your dog out, and they want to come back in again. Surprise surprise, within five minutes they want to go out again! This is not a fun way to pander to your pet’s needs!

Although we found a great way to solve this problem – fit an Endura flap pet door. There’s a few areas to think about first, for example where to place it, will your dog have access to the whole house or just one room when they’re back indoors, and is your garden set out in a way that means your pet will be safe without supervision.

The video above by ‘A Concord Carpenter’ Rob Robillard goes into great details on how to fit the Endura flap pet door and what to consider. Take a look if pandering to your pet’s needs, but having an easier life yourself is something you’re considering.

Snoozing in Peace

4 Ways To Pander To Your Pooches Needs - The Really Tough Tuffie Bed - Image From Tuffies.co.uk
Image Source – © Tuffies

You’re looking to get a dog bed for your best friend but they have an annoying habit of tearing apart and chewing every single one you have purchased so far.

It’s a bit of a task this one, as some dogs make light work of even the ‘indestructible’ bed. So we went on a search as no owner want to leave their dog without a bed?

We’ve found one that not only states it’s ‘chew proof’ it looks a lot more comfortable than many indestructible dog beds I’ve seen online so far.

If your dog digs a lot, don’t worry your pet can get on and do what dogs do, as it’s fabric inner (comfort is always great) can easily be replaced at a reasonable price.

Do you have any pet products you would love to buy that special pooch in your life? Let us know in the comments below.