Commissioning A Bespoke Kitchen: Selecting The Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Today, kitchens truly are the heart of the home for many of us, and commissioning the perfect kitchen to take you from family breakfasts to chic soirees can be fraught with difficulties.

How Property Developers Are Getting Creative with Interior Design

What will set you apart from the herd of property developers? A property that is led by interior design.

Advice From A Sash Windows Restoration Service In London

At Repair-A-Sash we understand the important role windows play in keeping your home warm and safe. That’s why when you are looking to install or repair sash windows in your home you need to take time to find the right company who can provide a high quality, professional service.

The Best Natural Materials for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Natural materials can give any room a fantastic look, but they really shine in a kitchen or a bathroom. They manage to make a room look luxurious and classy, while still maintaining a rustic charm.

The Simple Pleasure Of Enjoying A Bath

When the stresses and strains of hectic modern life are getting on top of you, there are few better ways to take a load off than by sinking into a sud-filled warm bath.

Top 10 Ways You Can Makeover A Living Room On A Budget  

There is a debate on which room is the most important one in a house- the living room or the bedroom. Regardless of the one you choose, we all agree that the living room is an integral part of the home.

Home Improvements That Improve Your Health

The home improvement industry is worth billions in the UK. If you get inspired every time you watch episodes of home improvement television shows, it may be time to start a renovation project.

How Strategic Lighting Can Add Drama To Your Home’s Interior

Although many don’t realise it, there is far more to lighting in the home than simply using it to illuminate a room, it can also be a very important style feature.

Custom Headboard Ideas For Your Growing Family

Welcoming a new baby to the family or having growing children around is always great news, but this often calls for a lot of re-adjustment not only to your lifestyle but also to your home décor.