How To Create An Affordable & Functional Office Space For Your Home-Based Business

More and more workers are leaving the rat race behind and starting their own small businesses. If you have the skills and the dedication to make it work, starting your own home-based business can be a very smart move indeed.

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The Periodic Table Of Interior Design Elements

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Parquet Flooring: The Comeback Story

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Let’s Go Foraging For Wildflower Themed Home Accessories!

We’ve noticed a new trend emerging recently:  wildflowers.  And we think it’s blooming marvellous!  We’ve seen wildflower prints placed onto everything from teapots to dresses.  You heard it here first!

6 Top Wood Flooring Tips To Consider Before You Buy!

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Your Guide To Buying A Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rugs were incredibly popular during the 1960s and consequently homeowners have shied away from them for a long time for fear of dating their home.