Designing A Practical And Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen is the centre of most homes.

It’s a place where we can bond with our families and friends, enjoy some much-needed relaxation while cooking a meal, and experiment with different flavours and spices.

That’s why it is so important to have a kitchen that is not only stylish but also highly practical. After all, you want a kitchen that you’re proud to show to your friends and makes your everyday life as simple as possible.

Here are a few tips that can help you to design a practical and stylish kitchen.

Make plenty of room for storage

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when designing a practical and stylish kitchen is that they get carried away with flourishes and forget to leave enough room for storage. Make sure that there are plenty of locations for cabinets, shelves, and drawers where you can store all of your pots, pans, and plates.

Install window shutters

Designing A Practical And Stylish Kitchen - Full Height Window Shutters

The last thing you want when you are slaving over a recipe book is to have the sun shining directly in your eye and causing you to sweat even more over a hot stove.

A set of full height window shutters can control the amount of sunlight that is allowed into your kitchen at any given time, giving you more control over your cooking experiences.

Use lots of light

Unlike most other rooms throughout the home, overhead lighting is not always enough in a kitchen. In the kitchen, you don’t want light casting shadows on your workspace.

Instead, you need it positioned in front of you. Using under-cabinet lighting can help you to achieve all of the light that you need for a great and modern kitchen experience.

Have plenty of power sources

We all love our gadgets, so it makes sense to have plenty of spaces to plug things in. From your washing machine to your dishwasher and toaster, make sure that there is plenty of space for your necessities and the right tools to power them.

Go over the top with counter space

Contemporary kitchen


In a stylish and practical kitchen design, there is no such thing as having too much counter space. The more space you have, the less cluttered your kitchen will look, which means you won’t feel the need to run around tidying every time someone is coming over to visit.

Try to choose countertop materials that are resistant to dust, stains, and heat damage, such as granite.

Stay safe

Finally, make sure that everything has its place if you’re designing a kitchen that is family-friendly. Wires should be kept out of the way, and cutlery should be locked away in child-safe drawers. At the same time, try to opt for slip-resistant flooring and rounded countertop edges.

Enjoy your kitchen!

Your perfect kitchen design will likely depend on a number of personal preferences. If you use the tips we’ve outlined above, you can create a kitchen that is full of personality, style, and practicality.