Flos Designer lights By Michael Anastassiades

The Art Of Setting New Trends In The World Of Lighting

In order to maintain its leading position in its sector, a brand must be able to influence trends and create needs.

Flos has always managed to adopt this principle by creating bold lighting systems that later became true icons. To achieve this, the Italian brand does not hesitate to take advantage of new ideas and new horizons. This art of experimentation has allowed the brand to manipulate materials to create revolutionary structures, but also to combine technological innovations to propose more appropriate solutions.

Surprising features such as the recessed ceiling lights in the Skygarden collection are the result of respect for all these beautiful values. The pieces consist of a die-cast aluminum alloy bracket above which is a magnificent opal glass diffuser. And what about the Ktribe S3 line suspension units? 

Design lamps from renowned designers

In order to be able to make items that always succeed in seducing consumers, Flos was able to draw on the know-how and experience of renowned professionals and craftsmen who do their best to set the products apart from those of their competition. In particular, the collaboration with certain designers (including the sons of the famous architect Carlo Scarpa) made it possible for the Italian brand to create pieces such as the iconic  floor lamp ARCO by the Castiglioni family or the famous and spectacular Superarchimoon Flos by Philippe STARCK.

SuperArchimoon Philippe Starck, 2000 - Floor lamp by Flos
Superarchimoon Floor lamp

The Superarchimoon floor lamp is a diffuse light suspension lamp. Painted with liquid varnish. Made of die-cast aluminum, polyamide rosette and loaded with 30% fiberglass and galvanised steel with fixed brackets attaching it to the ceiling. In this version it is possible to modify the geometry of the lamp which, by changing the opening between the strips, regulates the amount of light that is emitted.

Flos IC Lights

The IC Lights were created by award – winning designer Michael Anastassiades for the prestigious Italian brand Flos. Like all his creations, these lamps create a stunning atmosphere, giving life to the environment both day and night. When it comes to lamps, the sphere is a shape that will always be classically beautiful, along with the the straight, pure and simple lines, this lamp will last the test of time. The fantastic balance behind the Flos IC Lights suspension makes them pleasing to the eye as it is made up of familiar and balanced geometry. This balance of geometry and lighting is complemented by the perfection in craftsmanship that only Flos can achieve.

Flos IC Light By Michael Anastassiades
Flos IC Light

Unlike the daring imitations, the glass of the IC Lights spheres have an acid treatment, which makes them look as soft as a baby’s skin, a softness to the touch that really marvels. This means that the emission of light is absolutely and totally even, something that is not achieved with other materials or finishes.

Then there is the IC Lights pendant lamp, which is mainly made of metal and glass and the surface is finished galvanised metal. The IC Lights pendant lamp diffuses the light through an opal blown glass diffuser and has a steel structure with a brass, black or chrome finish. The spherical pendant light hangs from a thin brass rod for a suspended feeling, giving it the look of a modern and elegant chandelier. If you are looking for a light to hang above the dining table or creat a dramatic effect in the hallway, the IC pendant light would work perfectly.