Beautiful Cupboard Door Knobs

We love this collection of stylish cupboard door knobs.

Windmill Point – Randall Kipp Architecture

A beautifully designed modern apartment design from Randall Kipp Architecture.

Tel Aviv Kitchen

We loved this kitchen designed by Raanans Stern’s Studio.

Contemporary Apartment in Budapest – Margeza Design Studio

We love this modern apartment design from Margeza Design Studio.

10 Incredible Modern Kitchen Designs

10 draw-droppingly beautiful modern kitchen designs.

Prayer Room @ FIFA HQ in Zurich

Taken from a post on the RoomPorn Subreddit, the FIFA reportedly has onyx panels with indirect light.

Bird Feeders & Boxes With A difference

Modern bird boxes for the contemporary garden.

London Loft Apartment – Sigmar

London Loft Apartment by Sigmar.

Modern Take On 1920s Apartment

We loved this thread we found on Reddit/Imgur from Australian user NikArgh – featuring a modern twist on a 1920s style apartment.

London Interior Office Visualisations – Alberto Battaglia

Some fantastic office interior visualisations from Alberto Battaglia.